Rhyno says no bad blood between WWE and him, parting amicable

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Rhyno says no bad blood between WWE and him, parting amicable

Rhyno has been part of pro wrestling for a long time. Since making his way into the professional ring by way of the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the 43-year-old has been associated with big-time promotions including the WWE, Total Nonstop Action (TNA), Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and Impact Wrestling (the renamed and modified version of TNA).

Currently, he is with Impact Wrestling since joining the promotion in mid-2019. The way in which he joined Impact after leaving the WWE – almost immediately – raised doubts about him splitting with the promotion on a bad note.

Rhyno decried the rumours and said that his decision to join Impact was because of it fitting his present career needs. “You know, we (WWE and he) talked about re-signing and they offered me more than double what I was making.

Way more than double,” he said. “think I can service the wrestling business more on a level like Impact Wrestling and on the independent scene too. So it's very important for guys that have been wrestling for so many years to help out the younger generation because the guys that came before me helped me out a lot”.

Rhyno’s first appearance ringside at Impact Wrestling came on the 7th July episode. At that time, he was still contracted with the WWE leading to the speculations in the first place.