TJP on Feeling Pressure in Impact

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TJP on Feeling Pressure in Impact

TJP has worked for Impact Wrestling for a very long time. He also had runs in the WWE, but he is known as an Impact Wrestling wrestler. He is not one of their top stars, but is still quite well-known. He didn’t reach the top of the WWE while he worked for the large promotion.

TJP was a teenager when he first started with Impact Wrestling, and is now 34 years old. He is now very well respected in the locker room. He spoke about the pressure he feels on the WINCLY podcast. "I feel maybe more responsibility than pressure," stated TJP.

"I don't register pressure but the years have started to pile on and I think the environments that I create, just because of the things that I've done, I end up creating for the people around me. I end up being a leader when I don't necessarily think of that myself.

I'm looked at for certain things because of the roads that I've been on and now I'm circling back to an old familiar face." He spoke about how he regularly offers advice to younger talents. "Yea, tons.

And I wanna say to the guys that I'm the young one here, but I'm not that anymore. I find that [mentoring] actually helps me learn a lot too because I was always told at a young age that the role I would be in later would be that of a coach or producer," said TJP.