Killer Kross Impact Wrestling Contract Updates

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Killer Kross Impact Wrestling Contract Updates

According to recent reports, Killer Kross is thinking about hiring a lawyer to deal with his Impact Wrestling contract situation. PWInsider reported that Kross has actually hired a lawyer and the lawyer is in charge of handling the communication that takes place between Kross and Impact Wrestling now.

Impact and Kross are currently not going anywhere with his contract. Both parties are at a complete standstill and have been like that since May. Kross asked to be released as he thought he was worth more than what Impact Wrestling is paying him.

Even after all this, Kross is still working for the promotion and has remained professional. PWInsider reported that Kross’ deal with Impact Wrestling is as follows: $40,000 for the first year. $60,000 for the second year.

$80,000 for the third year. It is reported that the numbers have changed since then, and he has 18 months remaining in his current contract. Kross declined the deal even when the numbers were increased it seems. Kross will not be taking part in the Impact Wrestling tapings that will take place shortly.

He last appeared at Slammiversary on July 7. Kross also had an issue with Impact Wrestling over a First Blood match that took place in that event. Kross did not want to use a blade! Kross was booked to lose that match. Impact Wrestling had to arrange for fake blood just hours before the match actually took place. Kross agreed to use that.