Fans Chant “Free Killer Kross”

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Fans Chant “Free Killer Kross”

Fans want to see their wrestler happy all the time. These days, wrestlers post on social media about how they feel and if they are unhappy, their fans are unhappy. In the past, the world of professional wrestling was full of secrets.

Nobody really knew what used to happen backstage or behind the scenes. These days, most fans know about how wrestling promotions work. They also know that some professional wrestlers are not treated well by their promotions.

Professional wrestlers regularly talk about what happens inside a wrestling promotion these days. It is widely known that Killer Kross asked for his release. He is currently working for Impact Wrestling, but he is not happy with the pay that he is getting from them.

He requested to be released, but Impact Wrestling did not fulfil his request. Kross posted a video recently in which fans were chanting, “Free Killer Kross”. That even took place in Las Vegas. Kross wrote, "Welcome to the twilight zone” in his post.

Kross situation with Impact Wrestling is still not that clear. We have no idea whether he will accept the new deal that he will receive or not. We do not know whether Impact Wrestling will actually hand him a new deal or not either.

Kross has remained professional and has worked whichever event the promotion wanted him to work at. This does not mean that he is happy. He is probably just waiting for his contract to run out, after which he will probably join another wrestling promotion.