Rob Van Dam on inter-gender wrestling becoming popular

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Rob Van Dam on inter-gender wrestling becoming popular

On February 8, 2019, it was revealed that Rob Van Dam would return to TNA, now named Impact Wrestling at their WrestleMania 35-weekend show, United We Stand. At the event on April 4, 2019, he teamed with Sabu and faced Lucha Bros (Pentagón Jr.

and Fénix) in a hardcore match. After indicating in interviews that he would be working with the company more, on April 3, Van Dam announced that he had signed a short-term deal with Impact and would be appearing on their programming following United We Stand.

His contract runs through Bound for Glory in October. His return to Impact television occurred in late-April, where he defeated Ethan Page. RVD then formed an alliance with ECW alumni Tommy Dreamer and Sabu to feud with Page, Josh Alexander and Moose.

The trio would defeat Moose, Page and Alexander in a six-man tag. At Bash at the Brewery in July, RVD defeated Sami Callihan in an Extreme Rules match. A few days later, the storyline between Moose and RVD came to a close, as Moose defeated RVD at Slammiversary XVII.

During a long interview with Wrestling Epicenter, RVD reflected on inter-gender wrestling becoming popular: “I think it is fun to watch and that it is interesting. At the same time, I, personally, don’t want to wrestle a female.

(laughs) Chyna did it, right? It was impressive. She was a big strong woman and she was wrestling dudes! As long as it feels true to the story of a woman fighting a man. But, when it gets really silly, then it is too much for me.

I, personally, from a competitive spirit never liked when celebrities came in to wrestling and made it look easy… Jeremy Pivens doing a cross-body off the top rope. Jay Leno, the wrestler. Things like that have always hurt my competitive side.

I saw a girl, a gif on social media, she grabbed two young dudes and they were buds, she grabbed both of them by the crotch and suplexed them like the Joey Ryan spot. That is the kind of thing that is the new age, “Lets see what we can do if it isn’t about protecting the business”.

I know it is over. I know the crowd is reacting. But, it is for them… It is not for me. In other words, I’d wrestle a bitch as long as I could beat the hell out of her! (laughs)”.