Kelly Klien on ROH/Impact Wrestling Rumors

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Kelly Klien on ROH/Impact Wrestling Rumors

Kelly Klien is currently working for Ring of Honor and Women of Wrestling. She has a large fan following on Twitter and that is why, many of her fans ask her about her career. Recently, a huge rumor spread that suggested that ROH and Impact Wrestling will work together in the future.

A fan asker her, "I'm sure you've been asked about this already, but with the rumors of Impact & ROH coming together, is there anyone you haven't worked with yet, but see happening if that occurs?" Her full reply was, "I don't know anything about rumors.

But the cool thing with wrestling is it's very fluid and at any time I could see any number of people coming through ROH. I have faced many of the women on the current Impact roster and would be thrilled to face any of the rest”.

Impact Wrestling will be moving to AXS TV. Their time on Pursuit Channel was far from ideal and Pursuit was not taking them seriously at all. Anthem Sports & Entertainment have recently acquired a huge portion of AXS TV.

Impact Wrestling is going to start airing after Bound for Glory. It will take place on the 20th of October. If indie promotions wish to beat the WWE, they will have to work together. Right now, ROH, NJPW and Impact Wrestling are the only wrestling promotions that are able to beat the WWE if they work together and work really hard.