Scott D' Amore on Move to AXS TV

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Scott D' Amore on Move to AXS TV

Many professional wrestling promotions need a good TV deal in order to succeed. Many promotions simply fail because they failed to secure a good TV deal and simply couldn’t make enough money to pay its wrestler or keep the business going.

There are a number of wrestlers that left a particular promotion after they saw it failing. A good TV deal is also important for wrestlers, as a popular TV channel gives the wrestlers a better audience. Impact Wrestling has been struggling since it moved to Pursuit.

The Channel did not take them very seriously and was even worse than POP TV, the previous channel, in almost every single way. That is why, Impact Wrestling has been looking for a new TV home since they realized that things between them and Pursuit will not work out.

Scott D' Amore spoke about Impact Wrestling’s decision to move to AXS TV. "I think this week is a groundbreaking week for Impact Wrestling," D'Amore begins. "You look at the history of Impact Wrestling and for so many years, it was on the climb.

But then it was going to smaller and smaller platforms, reducing its audience size and its footprint. For the first time in many years, we have made a huge jump forward. Not just with the broadcast deal, but with our parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment purchasing the majority interest and control of AXS TV. It's a great day and time for Impact Wrestling and wrestling fans in general."