Killer Kross says emotional engagement key for persona's success

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Killer Kross says emotional engagement key for persona's success

Killer Kross is an in-ring persona adopted by Kevin Kesar. However, Kross is more than just a ring name as the persona itself is larger than life. The reason for this is the effort Kesar puts into ensuring Killer Kross tells his own tale while inside the ring.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet recently, Kross shared the key for Kross’ persona to resonate with the audiences was “emotional engagement”. He said, “One thing that I really have always tried to do is create an emotional engagement and a response, to understand the purpose of what we are really doing out there and for me it's always been to illicit emotion and engage people with the art of storytelling, the oldest stories in the world, light vs dark, good vs evil and so forth.

I grew up in that time when 80s horror films, and early 90s horror films, they didn't make sense and that was unsettling. Remember how things used to be? I think that really scared people because in life, the things that really bother us are the things that create uncertainty”.

Kross who has been a part of Impact Wrestling first came to prominence during his time in Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, in 2017. The 34-year-old pro wrestler’s initial heydays included his stint with the Global Force Wrestling in 2015.