Impact Wrestling AXS Announcement

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Impact Wrestling AXS Announcement

Impact Wrestling is not as big as it used to be, but they are still trying extremely hard to get better. They cannot compete with the WWE or AEW at the moment, but they are still trying to hire some of the best indie wrestlers in the world.

Impact Wrestling was at one time one of the top wrestling promotions. They had the best people from the professional wrestling industry working for them. Eric Bischoff, Booker T, Sting and Kurt Angle were a part of it. Ever since moving to Pursuit, Impact Wrestling have been struggling.

Their ratings are not that good and Impact Wrestling is not taken seriously by the channel. Impact will be moving to AXS TV on the 29th of October. This will be a new beginning for them according to the Impact Wrestling officials.

The following is the press release released by them: "The incredible athleticism of our roster, dynamic characters and accomplished story-telling deliver must-see weekly programming that has captured the attention of professional wrestling fans around the world," said Ed Nordholm, Chief Corporate Officer of Anthem Sports & Entertainment and president of IMPACT Wrestling.

"We are excited to bring the best professional wrestling on television to AXS TV, long recognized as a premier destination for world class sports entertainment programming" Of course, time will tell whether they will actually be successful or not. They will definitely not do well if they stay on Pursuit though.