Kiera Hogan on Supporting the Drag Culture

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Kiera Hogan on Supporting the Drag Culture

Kiera Hogan is an Impact Knockout star. She recently spoke about her new relationship, and this was extremely personal news. Knockout star, Diamante is Hogan’s girlfriend. Wrestling Inc. interviewed her recently to talk about this announcement of hers.

She also spoke about her supporting the drag culture. "I'm into the drag culture and I watch it on YouTube a lot. I wasn't into the show but I always catch clips of RuPaul's Drag Race. It's my first show and I'm excited to be here," Hogan said.

Drag queen Aurora Gozmic is Hogan’s friend. She was also there to support her friend with various other wrestlers that were there to show support. "I never thought when I started a show that I would have a bunch of wrestlers here being a part of it," Gozmic said.

"I'm really excited because I think female wrestling is amazing and they almost do exactly what we do. They put on a character, costumes and just as much make up as me and get up there and perform. So, I'm excited for tonight."

Hogan has called this her Coming Out Party. With Wrestling Inc. She spoke a bit about her journey. "I had a post at the end of Pride Month and a month later I came out and said I was dating one of the fellow wrestlers, Diamante, my lovely girlfriend. I got to drop the puck at the Chicago Wolves game during their first Pride Night which was amazing”.