Tessa Blanchard on Her Hard Work

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Tessa Blanchard on Her Hard Work

Tessa Blanchard is one of the most popular female wrestlers in the world. She had a fantastic year, but has yet to have a solid run in the WWE or AEW. She is currently on top of Impact Wrestling. She won the Knockouts title over there.

A few years back, she never thought she would be pushed this well by the company. She spoke to Chris Van Vilet before Bound for Glory. She told him that she can’t believe all that is happening. She never thought that she would be on top.

She believes that it is her hard work and dedication that got her to the top of the company. "It all just kind of seems unreal to me a little still," Tessa stated when talking about her run. "When I first started wrestling, I was driving 14 hours for a show just to set up the ring and hopefully get an opportunity and make $75 bucks and sleep in my car, then turn around and drive 14 hours back home.

Just because I wanted to pay my dues. When I first started wrestling, people would always say 'You're only here because of your family name, you're only here because of this because of that' Anything except for hard work.

I would always say my last name, it might get my foot in the door, it might get me in front of the right people, it might get me an opportunity but the second you step in the ring, it doesn't do jack s**t for you."