Sami Callihan explains why he signed with Impact

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Sami Callihan explains why he signed with Impact

Sami Callihan has worked for several independent promotions throughout the United States. He found the most success in Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and Major League Wrestling (MLW), but has also wrestled for Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Full Impact Pro, and All American Wrestling.

In CZW, he held the CZW Iron Man Championship, the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship, and the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship, and won the 2012 Best of the Best tournament. He is also known for his stint with WWE from 2013 to 2015, appearing in NXT under the ring name Solomon Crowe.

He also runs an independent wrestling promotion called The Wrestling Revolver. During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Callihan explained why he signed with Impact: “I want it on my resume so that one day people will look back at Impact as one of the most successful companies on the planet and they’ll be like, ‘You know what? Sami Callihan is one of the main reasons that company is in the spot it’s in.’ That’s something that no one can ever take away from me.

Like it or not, I wave this Impact flag harder than anyone else because anything I put myself into, I put 1000 percent into and I’ve proven Impact is the place to be”.