Rhino on Wrestling Unions

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Rhino on Wrestling Unions

Rhino is no longer part of the WWE, but he was a WWE superstar. He was very well known for his power spear move that he used to call the gore. He was extremely good at spearing his opponents and nearly broke a few wrestlers in half.

Rhino is currently working for Impact Wrestling and is doing alright at the moment. He was a guest on The Mirror where he spoke about the Wrestling Industry. He stated that unions in wrestling is not good for the industry. "It wouldn't work, it would kill the industry," said Rhino.

"When you look at unions for things like movies it works because movies are planned so far in advance and actors/actresses get the scripts and have to accept it or turn it down. But wrestling is so fast-paced and changes that it just wouldn't work.

I come from Detroit which is a union town, so I get having unions in certain industries, but it wouldn't work in wrestling." Before joining the WWE or the ECW, he was a very famous indie wrestler. His career has spanned more than 20 years.

He is still going strong, even though he is quite old and cannot perform the same moves that he used to while he was younger. Rhino still uses some very famous indie moves. About a year ago, Rhino was working for the WWE.