Jungle Girrrl on Wow’s Evolution

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Jungle Girrrl on Wow’s Evolution

Jungle Girrrl is currently wrestling for Women of Wrestling. She spoke to Wrestling Epicenter just before the WOW season finale on AXS TV. She spoke about how the promotion has changed over the years, what caused the company to step back a bit after a 2001 PPV event, the parent company of Impact Wrestling, and AEW’s Jungle Boy.

Jungle revealed that it took David McLane 20 years for his vision to be realized. This is what she said about the promotion’s evolution. "I think it is amazing," Jungle Girrrl said. "I think the evolution of WOW from what we started 20 years ago to where we are now—and it is not even the pinnacle—but, I think it really is what David McLane's vision was 20 years ago.

What he wanted to see. The difference is now, everybody that is on board is in mutual agreement on the vision that David had 20 years ago. The talent pool also now is a lot different and that is spectacular. "It was difficult to find, back then, let alone a handful of women that were doing then what we're doing now.

Now, we have a roster of 30 women! And I would have to agree that I am having the best wrestling of my 20 year career”. WOW still has a long way to go before it can start competing with the likes of AEW and the WWE. They still have plenty of good women wrestling for them though.