Eli Drake on Rubbing People the Wrong Way

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Eli Drake on Rubbing People the Wrong Way

Eli Drake is a popular indie wrestler. He was on Stone Cold’s podcast. Stone Cold Steve Austin is a WWE Hall of Famer. Eli Drake is currently working for NWA. Drake spoke about rubbing people the wrong way. He was often misunderstood as he is shy.

"I can be very misunderstood in a lot of ways. When I was at the Performance Center, I was super hated for probably two or three months because I'm a quiet guy. I'm very much an introvert and it shocks people when they see what I do on TV because I'm verbose and I talk a lot."

Drake continued, "everywhere I go that happens. I don't know if it is demeanor, the way I carry myself, or what it is. I think I carry myself very confidently, but then, me not talking to people I think translates [into] 'I don't want to talk to them' or whatever it is."

Eli Drake was until recently an Impact Wrestling wrestler. He left the company a few months ago but was one of their top stars. Impact Wrestling is struggling to compete at the highest level as most of its stars are no longer working for the company.

The company used to have some of the best wrestlers in the world working for it. They had Eric Bischoff, Sting, Hulk Hogan, and Kurt Angle.