Eli Drake on Strong Wrestling Characters

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Eli Drake on Strong Wrestling Characters

Eli Drake is one of NWA’s top talents. NWA used to be one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world. They are now a shell of their former selves. Eli Drake was on the Steve Austin Show, a show hosted by WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

On the podcast, Eli Drake spoke about being a lifelong professional wrestling fan. They then started talking about the Attitude Era. Eli Drake stated that during the Attitude Era, the quality of action in the ring was not great.

He believes that the variety of different characters and the charisma of each individual star helped the WWE generate tons of sales. He also believes that the promos helped the WWE a lot. Back in those days, the promos were not scripted as much as they are now.

"It was so big because everybody had such developed characters, but it wasn't cartoony. You didn't have a trashman or any of that stuff. Right, and everybody from top to bottom [was unique]. The first match could be Val Venis and his [imitating Venis], 'hello ladies' and the place goes nuts!

The Godfather's music hits, the place goes nuts! He [has] got his catchphrases. You've got The New Age Outlaws, all these guys. Top to bottom, everybody had so much charisma, so much character”. Eli Drake has wrestled for some of the top wrestling promotions in the world.