Campbell McLaren on Del Rio vs Tito Ortiz


Campbell McLaren on Del Rio vs Tito Ortiz

Campbell McLaren helped in the creation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is working as the CEO of Combate Americas. Alberto El Patron and Tito Ortiz work for that promotion. The two will fight each other soon and McLaren spoke about why he put this match on the headline.

"Alberto put himself in. He watched Combate, saw the fighting and said to himself, 'I think I can do this.' He had a great tradition in PRIDE. We all know his wrestling background and the pedigree, but a lot of people don't know that he fought in PRIDE in Japan," McLaren told Wrestling Inc.

"I think he wanted to make a comeback and he was facing a time in his life where a lot of crap went wrong. He was dating a woman from WWE and they were a great couple until the sh*t hit the fan. I think Alberto was trying to figure out the next phase in his life.

Tito Ortiz is a little bit like fighting Mike Tyson. He went, 'Yeah I'll fight Tito.' Okay, I think we can do this." A number of MMA fighters have crossed over to the world of professional wrestling over the past few years.

Some pro wrestlers have also tried doing MMA in the past as well. McLaren believes that we might actually see an invasion angle between Combate and Impact Wrestling as they are both on AXS TV. This would be the first time we would see an MMA promotion invade a professional wrestling promotion. It would be quite interesting.

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