Tessa Blanchard on Wrestling Changing Her

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Tessa Blanchard on Wrestling Changing Her

Professional wrestling is a very tough profession and it is something that not many people in the world can do. Many professional wrestlers say that wrestling changed them. For some people, the effects have been positive. For others, they have been horrifying.

Tessa Blanchard is one of the top female professional wrestlers in the world outside of the WWE. She is one of the few female wrestlers that never needed the WWE to get to where she is now. After wrestling for a really long time in the indies, she signed for Impact Wrestling and will challenge Sami Callihan for the Impact World Title.

She spoke about wrestling changing her on the WINLCY podcast. "Wrestling men has forced me to elevate my game and it's turned me into the athlete and woman that I am today," stated Blanchard. "So this Sunday we have the opportunity to do something that maybe people aren't comfortable with.

It's something that's disruptive and maybe some support it or some write it off because it's different. It's uncomfortable and not what you see every Monday night…” "We're introducing something to the world of pro wrestling that hasn't been done before on this scale.

To be a part of it feels like we're making history." Tessa Blanchard might end up winning the Impact Wrestling world title this Sunday at Hard to Kill.