Tessa Blanchard on Inter-gender Wrestling

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Tessa Blanchard on Inter-gender Wrestling

Tessa Blanchard is an extremely popular female wrestler. Some might argue that she is the face of Impact Wrestling at the moment. She is one of the greatest competitors that the world has seen in a long time. She didn’t need the WWE to get to where she is right now and many people appreciate her.

Just like many other successful people, she has her set of haters. Most people do not like intergender matches which Tessa regularly competes in. This Sunday, she will fight Sami Callihan for the Impact World Title. On the WICNLY podcast, she spoke about her critics.

"No matter what you, where you go, what like of work you're in, there's always gonna be people who have something to say. There's nothing wrong with that as people have their opinions. Just as there is British strong-style wrestling and Lucha Libre wrestling, there is intergender wrestling.

Maybe not every style is for everyone and there's nothing wrong with that," said Blanchard. "The only thing I hope is that people can stay open-minded enough to realize that there is a way to tell this story.

We're in a time where women are looked at as athletes and we can kill it equal to if not better than anyone." Tessa stated during this interview that she will consider this match special, irrespective of results.