Tessa Blanchard on FIghting Sami Callihan

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Tessa Blanchard on FIghting Sami Callihan

Tessa Blanchard will most likely have the most important match of her life this Sunday. She will compete in a pay-per-view that is organized by Impact Wrestling. It will be called Hard To Kill. Tessa will fight Sami Callihan for Sami’s Impact Wrestling World Title.

If she wins, she will be the first woman to win the Impact World Title. Tessa has faced numerous males in the past and has come on topmost of the time. Tessa had a long discussion about her upcoming match on the WINLCY podcast.

She also spoke about her critics. She was asked whether Sami Callihan will bring out the most violent side of her during their match. Sami is known to do this. "I think the more invested I am, it brings out a different side of me.

With Sami and I, this has been going strong for eight months and it's been one thing after another. All of it has led to this Sunday as Sami's been the one thorn in my side as I've beaten Fulton, beaten Dave, beaten Jake.

I've been so close to the X-Division championship and oVe has been that thorn in my side," said Blanchard. "Sami's been that one hurdle because all of his boys have had his back. But this Sunday and it's gonna be me and him and it's gonna be unique from Slammiversary because this time it's going to be a f***ing fight."