Tessa Blanchard gets called out on social media

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Tessa Blanchard gets called out on social media

Tessa Blanchard will be taking Sami Callihan soon at Hard to Kill. Tessa will fight for the Impact Wrestling World Title. This is a very important wrestling match for her. The match is scheduled to take place at the Bomb Factory in Dallas.

She is one of the top female wrestlers in the world right now and didn’t need the WWE to boost her. "Hey women, try supporting one another. Cool things happen," she tweeted recently. Chelsea Green is an NXT superstar.

She took note of this tweet and responded to Tessa. She wrote, “You've consistently put down, bullied, and belittled countless female coworkers, including me. Is that support?" She also got called out by Allysin Kay who commented wrote, “Remember when you spat in a black woman's face and called her the N-word in Japan? Was that you "supporting women"? The AUDACITY of this tweet."

Green responded to Kay with a .gif that said, "I remember that." Cassey Michael then joined the conversation and she runs the Squared Circle Sirens. She spoke about Tessa’s and Ranee Michelle’s incident.

They appeared on WWE TV with Drake Maverick once and was even part of a Mae Young Classic tournament. "She bullied Renee Michelle at an indie show and they had a tussle of some sort. I figured people involved in it would know more details," Michael wrote.