Rhino explains why he’s excited for the wrestling industry

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Rhino explains why he’s excited for the wrestling industry

In Raw's episode of December 3rd, Rhino was defeated by his partner Heath Slater in a match in which the loser would be fired (kayfabe). In the following episode, he appeared in the ring dressed as Santa Claus to help Heath Slater in his match against Jinder Mahal.

In the first episode of 2020, Heath Slater and Rhino were defeated by Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers (Samir Singh and Sunil Singh). After this match he appeared sporadically in WWE. On July 17th, upon the expiration of his contract, Gerin was released from the federation.

On a recent Talk is Jericho, he explained why he’s excited for the wrestling industry: “And the cool thing about it is, you can find talent, and there’s places for them to go. Because the worst thing is to find a talent, and have them go someplace and they’re don’t — they’re not able to use that talent to better wrestling.

You know what I mean? So Impact’s is a good area, AEW’s a good area, Ring of Honor’s a good area to hone their skills. And that’s very important, and that’s what’s exciting about wrestling.

And you know, I tell people, ‘You know, we’ve a lot of great things happening with wrestling right now”.