Sami Callihan on Madman Fulton and Tapping to Shamrock

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Sami Callihan on Madman Fulton and Tapping to Shamrock

Sami Callihan is one of Impact Wrestling’s best wrestlers. He has one numerous title with the now struggling promotion. Impact Wrestling used to have some of the best wrestlers of the world working for them at one time.

Those days are far gone. Callihan was on Wrestling Inc podcast, where he spoke about his fellow wrestler, Madman Fulton. "He's supremely under-appreciated. He really got down in the dumps being somewhere else that pushed and pushed and never got to become what he could be.

Then coming to Ohio and Impact, I feel like the sky's the limit for Madman Fulton. I think in the next year or two he's gonna be one of the top guys in pro wrestling," Callihan said. Callihan then spoke about tapping out to Ken Smarock, the legendary UFC Hall of Famer.

Callihan stated that he never tapped out during his match when the referee was down and was simply trying to get to the ropes. "I was trying to get my bearings and get a hold of the canvas so I could get myself to the ropes because I know ring awareness," Callihan said.

Ken Shamrock recently made his return to wrestling. He no longer fights for any MMA promotion as he is too old and cannot compete at the highest level. He is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion and one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time.