Sami Callihan on Rich Swann

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Sami Callihan on Rich Swann

Rich Swann is one of Impact Wrestling’s best wrestlers. Many people believe that he might become the face of Impact Wrestling at one time. These days, Sami Callihan is on the top of the Impact Wrestling ladder. Sami has fought some of the best professional wrestlers in the world at Impact Wrestling.

He also beat Ken Shamrock, the legendary UFC Hall of Famer, about 2 weeks ago. He spoke about it on the WINCLY podcast. Among many topics, he spoke about Rich Swann. He spoke about his relationship with Swann on the podcast. "Things are going great and that's what pisses me off the most.

As much as I wanna hate on Rich Swann, you really can't," admitted Callihan. "At the end of the day he's one of the most talented individuals in this business, not just as a wrestler but in anything he tries.

He's good at anything he tries to do and he's a guy who'll mess around and probably become an triple crown champion in Impact Wrestling”. Sami Callihan during the interview also stated that he doesn’t like the term ‘Intergender Wrestling’.

He also spoke about his run as Impact World Champion and his upcoming plans. Sami is known for bringing out the most violent sides of any professional wrestler. He is also extremely good technically in the ring and can cut good promos.