Tommy Dreamer Talks About Tessa Blanchard Controversy

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Tommy Dreamer Talks About Tessa Blanchard Controversy

Tommy Dreamer has spent nearly 30 years of his life in the professional wrestling industry. He is well known in the circles of the Hardcore Wrestling fans. Dreamer could never reach the top of WWE, but he has been a big asset to the world of professional wrestling regardless and has helped numerous superstars reach the top of the wrestling world.

Tessa Blanchard is Tommy Dreamer’s friend. She has been under fire ever since she made a tweet about supporting women. She recently won the Impact World Title and her name has appeared on many headlines since then. Tommy Dreamer spoke about Tessa Blanchard on the Busted Open Radio.

He stated that she never did anything wrong to any woman in the Impact Wrestling roster. "Listen, I texted Tessa, she didn't get back to me. Tessa and I… I went and spoke to her finally at the show (Hard to Kill) and obviously she was not in a good place mentally," Dreamer stated.

"It becomes almost like gang warfare where everyone jumps on the h** topic. "I would state that I have a great relationship with her, I also have a great relationship with a lot of the other women that were talking about her.

I was not there. I do know that there was a very very physical confrontation between her and this other wrestler, and that led to a physical brawl. Sometimes in the heat of battle, you say things that you will regret, or if you're in a physical fight, you may not have any regret with that person."