Tommy Dreamer Says that Tessa is not a Racist

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Tommy Dreamer Says that Tessa is not a Racist

Tommy Dreamer is a professional wrestling veteran and has helped plenty of superstars reach the top of the wrestling world. He himself could not reach the top of the WWE, but people still respect him for the value that he added in the past 30 years into the world of professional wrestling.

Tessa Blanchard is currently one of the top female wrestlers in the world. She recently won the Impact Wrestling World Title. Tommy Dreamer is Tessa Blanchard’s friend. Many people believe that Tessa is racist and has mistreated foreign wrestlers.

Dreamer stated that he doesn’t think that Tessa is racist and said that she does not show her real side to everyone. "I could 99.9% say that Tessa has never shown… let me also explain to you that when I first met Tessa, a lot of people had said, 'Hey, watch this girl.

Hey, do this, do that,' and told me some things about her. I formulate my opinion from how somebody treats me. I also understand that people treat me differently because either I'm Tommy Dreamer or I'm helping out behind the scenes.

I formulate my own opinion on how somebody treats me and acts around me. I remember one time she comes up and says, 'I don't think you like me,' and I said I don't even know you. I go, 'Let me get to know you,' and she goes 'fair enough.' "