Ace Austin on Impact Wrestling Contract

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Ace Austin on Impact Wrestling Contract

About a year ago, vignettes hyped the Impact Wrestling debut of the awesome Ace Austin. Austin made his debut and instantly found gold. He won the X-Division Title at Bound for Glory. Bound for Glory is Impact Wrestling’s top PPV event.

Of course, many wrestlers left Impact Wrestling over the years. It is not as big as it used to be and people left for greener pastures. Austin is still part of Impact Wrestling and is one of their main attractions. He spoke to Wrestling Inc recently about his contract.

Turns out that we might see him for a really long time in Impact Wrestling. "I'm signed for at least three years and I'm only nine months into that now. So, we've got time and I'm gonna be here for a long time," revealed Austin.

He then spoke about his victory at Bound for Glory. It was one of his career’s greatest achievements. "I've been talking about an age-old phrase that weekend – it was manifest destiny. I've made a career at putting myself in the right place at the right time and being nothing short of an opportunist.

Bound for Glory was perfect evidence of that”. Back in their glory days, Impact Wrestling was a really good promotion. They managed to hire some very popular WWE wrestlers. They even had Sting, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair at one time.