Killer Kross on Being Released by Impact

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Killer Kross on Being Released by Impact

Most Wrestling promotions try their best to keep their best and most famous wrestlers. Most successful wrestlers leave their promotion for a bigger promotion as soon as they receive a good offer. That is usually never a good thing for the smaller promotion as they are the ones that built that star.

Killer Kross was a very famous Impact Wrestling wrestler. He asked for his release a few months ago, but it was not granted. Eventually, Kross managed to get released but it wasn’t easy. He had to spend a lot of time there, but he remained professional.

Kross recently appeared on The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast. He spoke about how he felt over at Impact. "It's funny, you try to get to this situation and there's no playbook for it. You clock in every single day and do the absolute best job you can in finding the best version of yourself.

You have to take a leap of faith and hope things land where you would like them to. You have to take a gamble because in this business there's 20-30,000 indie wrestlers in the US alone. Not all of them are serious, mind you, but that's just nationally and not in the world.

Then there's just me and it's the talk of the town right now. There's a lot of mixed emotions but it's all good."