John Morrison on Talking to Vince McMahon

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John Morrison on Talking to Vince McMahon

John Morrison is currently working for WWE Smackdown. A WWE Chronicle was recently released that featured him. It premiered right after WWE Worlds Collide went off the air. Morrison stated that he actually received a “butt-dial” from Vince McMahon which led to him making a return in the company.

Morrison admitted that he wanted to return to the WWE after his run as Impact World Champion ended. He lost his title at the Rebellion pay-per-view that took place in April 2049. Morrison left Impact Wrestling after the Slammiversary PPV event.

"He [Vince] was the first person that I reached out to here, and a week went by, and we had a long talk. The talk went really well, and after that I had a series of really good talks with Hunter [Triple H]," Morrison said.

He continued, "In my head I felt like for those 8 years, the door was open for me to come back. Of course though, you get a little bit nervous when all that time goes by and you're thinking, like, 'I hope I'm not delusional, I think I can just call and go back to this company.'

” John Morrison just like a few other superstars had to go and work for other promotions and make a name for themselves there, to then be rehired by the WWE and given a bigger role. Drew McIntyre is also an example of such a wrestler.