Killer Kross Talks about Tom Lawler

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Killer Kross Talks about Tom Lawler

Killer Kross worked for Impact Wrestling for a really long time. He was recently released from the company, even though he asked for his release many months ago. Impact Wrestling simply did not want to lose another one of their top superstars, so they simply did not let him ago.

Eventually, they had to give in to his request. Many people believe that we may see him in All Elite Wrestling one day as his girlfriend currently works for that promotion. Killer Kross is going to make his MLW debut soon. His first opponent will be Tom Lawlor.

He spoke about Tom on Wrestling Inc. "I think this opponent was more or less chosen by the fans over social media. I know a lot of people were clamoring for me to be in MLW for a long time now. The people they were interested in seeing me in the ring with were Fatu, Lawlor and Hammerstone," revealed Kross.

"So the company thought the best match currently would be Tom. I think it was a good call. They asked me and I immediately said yeah, let's do it." Kross has crossed paths with Tom before. They used to work at Warrior Wrestling together.

He spoke about Tom’s background. "Tom Lawlor is the real deal and he doesn't have to sell you hard on that. That's for sure. With an amateur wrestling background and a professional striking background, he's a professional mixed martial artist and is an excellent professional wrestler,"