Killer Kross on Going to MLW

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Killer Kross on Going to MLW

Killer Kross is one of the best indie wrestlers in the world right now. He has a huge fan base and is quite talented in the ring and on the mic. Even though Kross could never get to the top of a WWE, the world’s largest professional wrestling promotion, he had a great run in Impact Wrestling.

Eventually, Kross had to ask Impact to release him as he didn’t believe he was getting enough from Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling didn’t want to let go of one of their biggest superstars, so they did not let him go.

They had to let Kross go after a while. Kross remained professional even though they made things very difficult for himself during his last days there. Kross will make his MLW debut soon. MLW is going to have a rare talent perform for them, as they have been really struggling as of late.

Kross spoke about himself on Wrestling Inc. and explained why he thinks he is a unique and rare talent. "Myself – I am completely unique and I deliberately approach things from a different perspective than anyone else," said Kross.

"Everyone has different gears when they're in the ring. Nowadays modern pro wrestling falls, in my opinion, under a category of hybrid lucha libre that combines high flying, technical and Japanese. I have my own style that is a variety of those different things”.