Moose on Not Challenging Tessa Blanchard

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Moose on Not Challenging Tessa Blanchard

Impact Wrestling used to be the second most-watched wrestling promotion in the world. They are no longer as big as they used to be. Back in the day, they hired some famous WWE wrestlers. They were never able to beat the WWE, but they did manage to generate a large fan base.

Moose is one of its most famous stars. Moose is also part of their most important storylines quite often. He is usually competing for the best titles that are present in Impact Wrestling. The Impact World Title is currently held by Tessa Blanchard, who is one of the most famous female professional wrestlers in the world.

Moose was on the Wrestling Inc. Daily. He spoke about not wanting to face Tessa Blanchard right now for the Impact Wrestling World title. He stated that he wants a challenge and Tessa cannot give him one." I don't wanna focus on a title right now because that wouldn't be a challenge.

A woman has that title and I want a challenge. I could go the easy route and challenge for the World Title but how great is that if I beat a woman? I'm looking for a challenge and nothing against Tessa, but I am Moose. That wouldn't be a challenge.

So I'm trying to challenge myself and make a point, so why not go after the old TNA guys like I did the old ECW guys?"