Samoa Joe Comments on The Undertaker

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Samoa Joe Comments on The Undertaker

The Undertaker is probably the best professional wrestler ever. His character has lasted the test of time. Even though he is very old right now, he can still wrestle quite well. Some professional wrestlers in the WWE still consider it an honor to wrestle The Undertaker.

Samoa Joe was a very famous indie wrestler before he joined WWE. Joe is currently serving his suspension for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. Joe was suspended for 30 days. He appeared for an interview recently. Hs spoke to SportBible and spoke about The Undertaker.

"Absolutely," Joe said when he was asked whether or not he would like to face the Undertaker. "You know, I think the things that especially now that I appreciate about 'Taker's work are much more on display now than they probably ever have been.

And yeah, I would be down to get down with 'Taker, whether it would be now or whenever in the future." Joe then proceeded to talk about his big rivalry with AJ Styles in the WWE. He used to work with AJ Styles at TNA before that.

"Oh, it was great [to have the rivalry in WWE]," Joe said. "I mean, any time you get in the ring with AJ -- any time I have throughout my career -- usually great things happen. And it's a testament to him and his ability.

It was nothing new for us, we knew it was bound to happen, we've kind of been intertwined throughout the breadth of our careers, so us managing to see each other across the ring was no surprise [laughs]."