Eric Bischoff on Debuting at TNA

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Eric Bischoff on Debuting at TNA

Eric Bischoff is a very well known professional wrestling personality and has worked for the biggest professional wrestling promotions of all time. He is well-known for his work at WCW. He was the president of WCW and helped WCW rise to the top of the wrestling world.

For a long time, WCW Nitro managed to beat WWE RAW during the Monday Night Wars. They eventually fell due to certain mistakes that they made along the way. After working for WWE, Eric started working for Impact Wrestling, which was known as TNA at that time.

TNA was where Eric managed to sign other former WCW and WWE wrestlers. TNA was the only other option that WWE fans had and it had a few legendary wrestlers such as Sting, working for it. Eric stated on his podcast that he wasn’t too happy about working for TNA and he considered it a demotion of sorts.

"I wasn't excited about going to TNA," Bischoff said. "I didn't aspire to end up there. I felt like it was a step down from my last run in WWE as a performer and certainly a step down from WCW at the peak of Monday Nitro's success.

It was not something I was genuinely excited about. I did it, I made the choice to go to TNA, partly because I was missing the business a bit. It wasn't a career move for me, but it was trying to scratch that itch. TNA didn't want me, they didn't aspire to have me on their team anymore than I aspired to be on the team. We had a mutual disinterest in each other, but the common denominator was Hulk Hogan”.