Former WWE Superstar EC3 on Problems in WWE

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Former WWE Superstar EC3 on Problems in WWE
Former WWE Superstar EC3 on Problems in WWE

Former WWE Superstar EC3 spoke about the problems that he faced while he was working for WWE. He now works for Impact Wrestling. Just like many other superstars, EC3 did not like the scripted promos that most WWE superstars have to do.

He first stated that his main roster call was rushed according to him. He spoke about this on the Busted Open Radio.

Former WWE Superstar EC3 on Problems in WWE

"When I did get called up, it was a rush call up," EC3 admitted.

"My mistake was trusting the process and believing there's a reason for it as opposed to it was a rash decision because they were feeling heat for some reason. My mistake was thinking that it was for a reason. I take full accountability for that.

Plus they called me up and I was out with an injury. I was rushed back from injury. I was not in a good place physically and mentally. "Whatever. It did not work and that's fine because it not working has made me create something I'm finally happy and proud of and hopefully can take not only to Impact Wrestling but to the narrative of the wrestling world in various different locations.

I think various different locations are ripe to take over this scene I think coming." EC3 then spoke about his return to Impact Wrestling. He stated that Impact Wrestling was not his only option when asked about it. "Absolutely not.

Every option was and is on the table," EC3 revealed. "What I'm doing is controlling the narrative. I have things in works in multiple locations and plans to hopefully bend the narrative and confuse people. I love the fact nobody knows what I'm doing." EC3 was let go by WWE during their budget cut.

It was due to the pandemic. He was asked whether or not he would have been in a better position if the pandemic never happened. "I would have, post-WrestleMania, request my release privately," EC3 revealed. "I would not have been the guy who takes his business public, trying to get out.

I would have a man-to-man conversation to whoever it was worth and their decision may have been yes, may have been no. I think I had people in my corner, but nobody that would openly step up because everyone is scared and apprehensive and no one wants to rock the boat. So they're like 'Man I can't believe they don't let you talk' You're in the production meetings. You can say something."