Tessa Blanchard Appears in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Even though she was never a full part of WWE, she is still very famous

by Altamush Nayyer Khan
Tessa Blanchard Appears in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Tessa Blanchard is a very famous former Impact Wrestling superstar and she recently appeared in WWE 2k Battlegrounds video. Tessa Blanchard was without doubt the top star in Impact Wrestling. She was the first woman to win the Impact Wrestling World title.

It was without a doubt the biggest achievement of her career. Blanchard has never received a full-time role in WWE, but has appeared at a few WWE events.

Tessa Blanchard Appears in WWE Video Game?

Even though she was never a full part of WWE, she is still very famous.

She was even famous during the time Becky Lynch was on top of WWE. newLEGACYinc were the twitch streamers that received copies of the video game. The streamed the gameplay on Thursday. During that stream, a silhouette of Blanchard could be seen.

It was either Blanchard or someone that looked like her. It was extremely difficult to tell. HeelByNature was the one that captured the screenshot of the loading screen. The loading screen is what went slightly viral in the wrestling world.

After the screenshot was released, Basil Mahmud, the person that took the photograph threatened WWE and 2K Sports for using the image without taking permission from him. This all happened within a few hours after the screenshot was released.

"Hey @WWEgames you wanna tell me why you took my photo without my permission to use it in your game?" tweeted Mahmud. 2K Sports has not released a statement about the screenshot. WWE has not said anything either. We don’t even know whether that silhouette was actually Blanchard’s silhouette.

Tessa Blanchard is one of the top free agents in the world right now after she was released by Impact Wrestling. She failed to cut a few promos while she was stuck in Mexico due to the pandemic. Even though she was Impact Wrestling’s biggest star, they still released her.

Blanchard was originally planning to marry her fiance Daga. Due to the pandemic, they couldn’t couldn’t get married. They were going to get married in August. Tessa Blanchard can be extremely valuable right now for WWE as Becky Lynch is no longer an active WWE Superstar.

Many people also believe that she will join All Elite Wrestling and they too need a big star to boost their women’s division. AEW does not have a women’s division full of stars but they are slowly and steadily building their roster.

Tessa Blanchard