Taya Valkyrie on Body Positivity and Sharing Photo

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Taya Valkyrie on Body Positivity and Sharing Photo

Taya Valkyrie is a popular Impact Wrestling superstar and she spoke about positivity. Female superstars are known as Knockouts at Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling had some of the top female superstars in the world. These days, Impact Wrestling is struggling as they do not have the start power that they once had.

Also, they had to let their most famous superstar, Tessa Blanchard go due to disciplinary issues. Taya has fought some of the best Knockouts that Impact Wrestling has. She recently stated that she is comfortable with the way she looks now and it took her years of hard work to get to where she is right now.

Taya Valkyrie Shares Revealing Photo

Taya is the record holder for the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion. She recently stated that she did not have the confidence to post a revealing photo. Valkyrie writes, "The progress has been slow, the changes small but to finally feel like my body is listening to me feels amazing.

The number on the scale has BARELY changed, but my body composition has. I have good and bad days but that's normal. Ladies, recognize your work!!! Don't be so hard on yourself, you're beautiful. @n8fitness. PS I haven't posted a biki*i photo in YEARS lol, @chelseaagreen am I doing this right."

She also praised Impact Wrestling and the Knockouts division. She also wants Impact Wrestling to bring back the Knockouts Tag Titles. "This is the perfect time to bring back the Knockout's Tag Team Title[s], to be honest.

There are so many incredible pairings happening. Just watch what's gonna be happening play out over the next few weeks, and you're going to tweet at me and say, 'You are right. I feel like Impact management has done an excellent job of making the women an important part of the show.

This would be one more opportunity for us to shine. You see that in the way the Knockouts Championship has been carried by some of the most talented women in pro wrestling, including myself, and now we have more and more women joining our roster.

I think this is the perfect next step in showcasing why we are the best women in the world." Impact wrestling, to which Taya Valkyrie belongs, is also affected by the pandemic but they are still operating. They just cannot do live shows anymore.