Alicia Atout Talks about Her Boyfriend

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Alicia Atout Talks about Her Boyfriend

Alicia Atout is a famous professional wrestling interviewer and she recently spoke about her boyfriend Trey Miguel. Miguel is a professional wrestler and he currently works for Warrior Wrestling which is a small wrestling promotion.

Warrior Wrestling's Stadium Series was held in September, and Atout attended that event. Miguel won the Warrior Wrestling Title on the last event of the Warrior Wrestling’s Stadium Series. Brian Pillman Jr. was the previous champion.

The challengers were Brian Cage and Miguel. Atout mentioned on Wrestling Inc that she didn’t know Miguel would win the title and she was surprised.

Alicia Atout on Talks About Her Boyfriend

"It was amazing. Over the last few months, we've been keeping things on the DL because people can be absolutely insane, but we've kind of been bringing things to surface over the last month or so," Atout stated.

"At the end, there was this incredible triple threat main event with Brian Pillman Jr., who was the champion facing Brian Cage and my boyfriend Trey Miguel, and I was backstage under the bleachers with Trey before he went out because it was really cold.

So I was just trying to warm him up before like warming his back, and he goes, 'OK, all I gotta do is go out there, let Pillman hit his finisher, one-two-three, and then we're done for the night. We can go and chill.

It'll be great.' I go, 'OK, awesome. I can't wait to watch it.' I was still right there. "I'm like, 100%, he's not getting the championship whatever.' So I'm on the bleachers watching it with his fellow trainers from back home in Toledo and all the kids that he trained.

There was like six of them, and we're all watching. And then we see the finish, and we hear the count. And we're just looking at each other, and I was confused. I was like, 'oh s--t. Did they mess it up? What happened?' And then we heard his music, and I just see Zach [Wentz] had darted it to the ring.

And we all run out, and I was like, 'oh my God, he won the freaking championship.' It was an amazing moment." Alicia Atout also said, "And because I don't live in the states, I don't get to see every show that he wrestles on or travel with him all the time.

So the fact that I was there for that one, it's a company we love. Warrior always treats us so well especially knowing we're a couple. They're great with taking care of us, and it just meant so much to see him win a championship with all of his students there.

I was a mess. I bawled my eyes out, and I'm waiting for photographers to send me pictures. One's of us on the field just super happy. It was just a really emotional moment. I'm really proud of him. He's amazing”.