James Storm talks about his free agency

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James Storm talks about his free agency

During a recent interview with Wrestlezone, James Storm revealed some interesting details about his free agency. Storm also talked about his love of wrestling since he was very young. “It kinda rekindled my love for professional wrestling, going out and basically hustling again, getting bookings and traveling the world and just living like a nomad really.

I’m just going place to place and helping out the young guys who ask me to watch their matches when I get a chance to. "I give them feedback because I know how it was when I was with TNA; guys like Mr. Perfect and Dusty Rhodes would come and give me feedback.

It’s pretty cool that these guys get to ask me, but at the same time, I’m not done paving my path" - James explained. He continued: “The cool thing is, I spent a lot of time up in Clarksville at Austin Peay [University].

A lot of people don’t know that I played basketball. You take a look at me and it’s like ‘there’s no way that guy played basketball’ but I grew up playing. It’s going to be special to go back up there, and I know a lot of the guys that still live up around that area that are going to come to the show as well”.