Impact’s Final Episode on POP TV

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Impact’s Final Episode on POP TV

Wrestling promotions need to be big on TV. They make loads of money if the viewership number is high. Some wrestling promotions need to meet a certain target. If they fail to meet the target, they may end up losing their deal. Most indie wrestling promotions can only dream of getting a good TV deal, especially during their early years.

Impact Wrestling has always been overshadowed by the WWE. For quite a few years, POP TV was Impact Wrestling’s home. But their deal with POP TV expired last year. Impact Wrestling is now going to air on Pursuit Channel in 2019.

Impact Wrestling isn’t even close to beating WWE in viewership numbers. Impact Wrestling’s viewership numbers took a huge impact when they were moved to the 10 pm time slot on POP TV. This was one of the reasons why Impact decided to move to Pursuit.

Pursuit is also owned by Anthem, which is the parent company of Impact Wrestling. So Impact Wrestling will not be under pressure to meet a certain viewership number in order to stay with them. The last episode of Impact Wrestling on POP TV drew 151,000 viewers.

This was the highest viewership number since Impact Wrestling moved to the 10 pm time slot. Impact Wrestling will debut on Pursuit next Thursday.