Tessa Blanchard Talks About Gail Kim Being Referee

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Tessa Blanchard Talks About Gail Kim Being Referee

Tessa Blanchard is going to compete at Impact’s Homecoming event. She will be defending her Impact Knockouts Championship Title belt. She spoke to Wrestling Epicenter about the event, especially about her chances of retaining her title when Gail Kim will be the special referee.

She talked about how Gail Kim being the referee would work for her: "Everyone is going to see three of the best women's wrestlers in the world in the ring at the same time, which is very special. Regarding Impact making Gail Kim the special referee ...

I have said it before. I get it because not a single person in the Impact locker room has been able to take the title from me so why not stack the odds against the champion, right? Personally and professionally, Gail is able to separate personal and business aside.

But, it is no secret that personally, she has never liked me. Professionally, she has always helped all the women. But, personally, she has never liked me. But, that's OK! Personally, I'm not too fond of her either!" She also shared her thoughts about returning to the Asylum: "You know, I think it is a really special thing.

To be back at the Asylum, I've never been there but that is Impact's roots. I think the women, especially, are going to make history this Sunday in something very, very beautiful."