Robbie E Talks about The Rock

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Robbie E Talks about The Rock

Robbie E. recently changed his ring name to Robert Strauss in an attempt to change his character. He is a wrestling veteran and is respected in the indie circuit. He has worked with Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling or TNA for quite some time.

He has won multiple championships with TNA and was part of an NXT tryout recently. Robert Strauss is now roaming around the indie circuit. He recently appeared on a feature episode of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling where he talked about his new character, NXT and the Rock.

He was featured on NBC's Titan Games recently: He was asked about his interactions with The Rock on the podcast, since he was at the Titan Games where The Rock was present also. "He is the host and creator of the show.

He was busy and he had a lot going on in his mind and it's a million things. His dressing room was on the other side but I did have to film stuff with him because he is the host so in our down time we got to BS a little bit about wrestling and stuff.

I dropped some names of guys I'd figure he would know that I know and laughed a few times. He was approachable, he was positive and he really is a good guy."