Robert Strauss on His NXT Tryout

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Robert Strauss on His NXT Tryout

Robert Strauss, a wrestling veteran, was a guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. He shared his NXT tryout experience. "I knew going into it I was going to be treated as an equal meaning that I have all this experience but I was going to be with guys with no experience and who are former NFL players and pro athletes so I went into it obviously level headed and did whatever I had to do and it was rough.

It is hard to go back and run the ropes and do basic bumps and stuff that you learn and I learned over eighteen years ago and you have to do it again like the beginner way. Not to mention I had to push myself cardio wise to do all of these crazy fitness things we were doing but I kept up, I was the oldest person there at 34 and now I'm 35 and I was the smallest person there also so again it was like all odds against me but I hung in there and did really well.

WWE is obviously my ultimate goal and where I would like to end up so I was proud of how good I did, the basic thought was that I did well so I guess we will see in 2019." He also commented how he felt during the tryout and how he went through it, even though he is a veteran: "It is the process.

Not everyone and clearly not everyone and obviously they bring guys right to NXT but there has been a lot of experienced guys that have still had to go through these try-outs. Again, I'm level headed and there is no ego in wrestling.

It doesn't matter if you've been wrestling a day or forty years anybody at any time can make it as a star so you have to go into it like that. It was an opportunity and I made the best of it and I didn't mind going through the process."