Jake Crist on Not Getting Paid by Impact Wrestling

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Jake Crist on Not Getting Paid by Impact Wrestling

Jack Crist is a former Impact Wrestling wrestler and he recently spoke about not being paid by Impact Wrestling for a really long time. He is currently a free agent. He spoke about this on the Wrestling Inc Daily. He revealed that he had to shut down his computer shop called Nerd Reserve as well recently apart from not being paid by Impact Wrestling.

Jake Crist on Not Being Paid by Impact Wrestling

"My computer shop Nerd Reserve, we ended up having to close that," Crist revealed. "Big shout-out to Nerd Reserve. Pandemic's been hard. I've lost pretty much everything.

It's all good though”. The host then asked him about whether or not he was being paid by Impact Wrestling. “No, just not getting paid. To be honest, if I was getting paid -- I'm scared to death of this pandemic just like everybody else is”.

"So you wouldn't be seeing me going out there as much as I have been during this pandemic if I didn't have to go out to make money, to make ends meet, to put food on the table to be to be completely honest.

You wouldn't see me doing all the indie shows that I've been doing if I was still getting paid (Crist chuckles)." He also revealed that Impact wrestling only used to do a temperature check before they were allowed in.

"Every time we'd have to go in, [we] get the temperature check and all that, but as far as getting tested, I never personally got test," Crist revealed. "I got tested on my own, but the company never did the testing stuff."

He then shared his experience about wrestling a person on the indies that tested positive for COVID. He stated that he went to get a test done that cost him $150. "Oh, yeah, absolutely. It's scary," Jake Crist admitted.

"It's scary. I just wrestled Gary Jay at IWA Mid-South not too long ago, great performer, amazing performer. Had an amazing match. We killed it, but he sent me a message a couple days later saying that he tested positive for COVID, and it scared me to death.

So I ran and got a rapid COVID test. It ended up costing me $150, but I had that ease of mind that I knew right away that I didn't have COVID."