Sam Adonis on Being a Heel In 2019

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Sam Adonis on Being a Heel In 2019

Sam Adonis is a talented wrestler currently working in Mexico. He worked under the WWE’s FCW brand, but was released after only two matches. Adonis was interviewed by Alicia Atou, Impact’s backstage interviewer recently.

He talked about his heel character during the interview: "It's kind of weird because I don't think wrestling fans like the term 'heel.' It's almost like they don't understand what a heel is nowadays.

In my opinion, it's a morality play, you want to have good vs. evil, so you can provoke genuine emotions from people. A lot of times wrestlers aren't creating an emotion. They just go out there and display what they're capable of doing.

In my opinion, that's not what I like to do. I sometimes like to push the envelope, I like to make people angry. [Being believable]. I've been lucky enough in the last ten years to travel the world and really become Sam Adonis.

"I was 300 lbs. when I graduated high school. I was a fat kid and becoming a bad guy when I first began was going through the emotions. Now we live in a society where people don't necessarily admire somebody that betters themselves.

A lot of times people they look down at that because they are envious. I'm outspoken, I'm very confident in what I do in professional wrestling and I tell you about it. A lot of times people really buy into what they are seeing because Sam Adonis the character is an extension of Sam Adonis, the person."