Robert Strauss reveals his reaction when he met The Rock

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Robert Strauss reveals his reaction when he met The Rock

During a recent interview with The Apter Chat, Robert Strauss revealed his reaction when he met The Rock on the set of The Titan Games. “I met him once at the wax museum, but it was a wax version of himself. It wasn’t really him.

"I met him once also at the Route 18 East Brunswick Mall when I was a kid. He did an autograph signing there probably when I was in middle school and I went and I saw him from afar. Those were the only two times" - Strauss said.

He also added: “I dropped names immediately hoping to connect with him through wrestling. Obviously, he’s busy on set. You know what I’m saying? He’s got a million things on his mind. I mean, he was approachable and everything, but Tommy Dreamer and The Dudley Boyz, guys I knew that he knew from his time in WWE that I know also.

I kinda said I was friends with [them] which got us a few laughs. "We were able to talk about wrestling a bit, which was cool. He’s got to memorize lines and he’s got so many things on his plate, but with all that said, he really was a nice guy. It was a genuine conversation for a few minutes, but it’s not like we exchanged phone numbers”.