Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows Speak About Losing Confidence in WWE

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Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows Speak About Losing Confidence in WWE
Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows Speak About Losing Confidence in WWE

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are known as The Good Brothers and they spoke about losing confidence while working for WWE. They were on Sports Illustrated with Justin Barrasso. Anderson revealed that he regrets re-signing with WWE.

He also spoke about how they have regained confidence ever since they left WWE.

Karl Anderson And Doc Gallows on Regaining Confidence After Leaving WWE

"I hate to admit this, but I think there was a point in WWE where we had a loss of confidence," Anderson stated.

"But I can promise you that the confidence is back. We needed to get out of that environment to remind ourselves who we really are and what we can be. Right now, we're on top of our game. It feels that way to us, and hopefully, it shows." Gallows stated that he doesn't really hold a grudge towards WWE.

However, he also jokingly said that the team did not get the Slammy after being involved in The Boneyard Match which was between The Undertaker and AJ Styles. The match won the Match of The Year award. Gallows and Anderson played a large part during that match.

"We don't have any sour grapes about WWE, except that they forgot to mail us our Slammy Award for Match of the Year," Gallows pointed out. "Maybe the mail is slow. I'm still waiting on that. But we're focused on right now." Gallows and Anderson will be part of Kenny Omega’s team.

They will fight Rich Swann and The Motor City Machine Gunns at the Hard to Kill PPV which will be organized by Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling are currently working with each other with Kenny Omega, Tony Khan and Tony Schivone making regular appearances at Impact Wrestling.

They have recently released many promo ads that are promoting Kenny Omega. Omega is receiving a huge push by AEW these days and we believe that Omega is going to challenge many Impact Wrestling stars with the AEW World Title on the line.

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows were a formidable tag team in the WWE. However, they were reportedly not happy with the way the WWE was treating them. It was also reported that they believed they were not getting the opportunities that they should have got while working for WWE.

Just like many other former indie stars, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows could not really find a solid footing while working for WWE. However, we did see AJ Styles, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson work together in WWE, which was WWE’s version of the legendary The Bullet Club.

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