Tommy Dreamer on Potential Match with Rich Swann

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Tommy Dreamer on Potential Match with Rich Swann
Tommy Dreamer on Potential Match with Rich Swann

Tommy Dreamer is an ECW legend and he recently spoke about his potential match with Rich Swann. Tommy will soon be turning 50 and he will probably celebrate his 50th birthday by challenging Rich Swann for his Impact World Title.

Rich actually offered a title shot to Tommy. However, Tommy has not accepted the challenge yet. Even though the match is not on, many fans on social media have started criticizing the potential of that match. On a media call, Tommy questioned why fans do not approve the older generation of wrestlers.

Tommy Dreamer on his Potential Match with Rich Swann

“I’m not a social justice warrior, but I see a lot of people straight up hating that I’m getting a world title shot for the fact that I’m 50 years old,” Dreamer said.

“And they’re like, ‘Oh, there’s so much youth’ and all that stuff. Okay, number one: do you not like me because I’m going to be 50 on my birthday? Like, I’m sorry I’m 50 and I’m still wrestling? But there should never be that about anything.

Like, I’ve even said that it’s a gift and it’s something that Rich [Swann] wanted to do. So how do you begrudge someone? “David Arquette, someone said, ‘Hey! You’re a big fan. Do you want to wrestle for the world title?’ And that was met with such hatred in this dark day in professional wrestling.

Yet here’s a guy… Like, if someone said to me or D’Lo [Brown], ‘Hey, there’s a football game on Sunday. It’s called the Super Bowl. Would you like to play one down?’ I don’t know anybody that wouldn’t say yes”.

Dreamer then spoke about Edge, who is 2 years younger than Tommy. Unlike Tommy, fans actually were behind Edge, who is also a WWE Hall of Famer. However, Edge received plenty of backlashes when he won the Royal Rumble event.

“You look at Edge, who’s two years younger than I,” Tony Dreamer said. “What a great story, you know, for him to win the Royal Rumble. And then the moment he won it, you have all these people like, ‘He shouldn’t have won it.

He’s too old.’ And I’m like, ‘Wait, you loved it before he won it!’. Or my favorite is, everyone was rejoicing Victoria was in it. Victoria’s older than me!”

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