Impact Wrestling had multiple issues with Sammy Guevara

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Impact Wrestling had multiple issues with Sammy Guevara
Impact Wrestling had multiple issues with Sammy Guevara (Provided by Wrestling World)

The first serious problems seem to arrive within the AEW crew, with the relationship between Sammy Guevara, an important member of the Inner Circle until last week, before his exit from the stable, and the management of the All Elite, who seems to have joined a very important crisis, which could also definitively crack the working relationship between the boy and the two main companies for which he is currently working: AEW and Impact Wrestling.

But let's go step by step. In the last period, All Elite Wrestling has formed a very important collaboration with the third most followed company in North America after WWE and AEW, Impact Wrestling, with several of the Impact athletes who have in fact made their debut in the Dynamite and many other AEW wrestlers who have instead done the reverse.

Apparently, in the last tapings of Impact Wrestling, Sammy Guevara was also supposed to take part in the ex-TNA show, but he didn't.

Sammy Guevara was supposed to be a part of the Impact Wrestling

Apparently, as reported in the last few hours by the well-known Wrestling News site, shortly before his appearance in Impact Wrestling, Sammy Guevara would have sent a message to the management of the company in Nashville, about the terrible creative conduct that according to the boy Impact show had.

Obviously, the executives of Impact, resentful of the thing, immediately contacted Tony Khan, patron of the AEW, informing him of the message received as a boy, since the idea of ​​having Sammy appear on Impact Wrestling had been Khan's own.

At that point, having learned of the facts, Chris Jericho would immediately contact Don Callis, Executive Director of Impact Wrestling and a great friend of Jericho, with the intent of Y2J to ban Sammy Guevara from the tapings of Impact, which happened suddenly.

Although Sammy Guevara already had a plane ready to land in Nashville, a message from Jericho warned him to go home because there would never be an appearance of him in the Impact rings after what he had done. Although numerous sources inside AEW have denied this whole story, asserting that everything is fine inside the crew, it seems instead that the relations between Sammy Guevara and AEW are getting warmer.

Sammy Guevara left AEW Dynamite last week saying that he needed some time away. He was supposed to end up in Impact Wrestling, but that didn’t happen. We’ll have to see when Guevara shows up on Dynamite once again.

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