Impact Wrestling's No Surrender PPV results

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Impact Wrestling's No Surrender PPV results

Here are the full results of No Surrender, Impact Wrestling's PPV that aired last night: The event opens with a video package by Tommy Dreamer who has just spanned 50 years and traced his thirty-year career within the wrestling world.

XXXL & Tenille Dashwood (w / Kaleb) vs. Decay (Rosemary, Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) The Decay wins thanks to a spectacular Black Taurus moonsault neck breaker against Larry D. Brian Myers & Hernandez vs. Eddie Edwards & Matt Cardona The heel team takes home the victory thanks to a clothesline by Bryan Myers, known in WWE as Curt Hawkins, against the former Zack Ryder.

Deaner (w / Violent By Design) vs. Jake Something. The meeting between former friends who later became rivals is won by Jake Something with a Black Hole Slam. At the end of the match, Eric Young and Joe Doering help their ally to take revenge, crashing Jake Something on a table with a powerbomb from the stake.

X-Division Triple Threat Revolver Match Hands down the best match of the evening. Trey Miguel, Suicide and Blake Christian started the match, only to be followed by other fighters. Finally, Josh Alexander wins with a death valley piledriver against Ace Austin, they become number one contender at the X-Division Championship.

Backstage Rich Swann announces the decision of the management of Impact Wrestling: Moose has been banned from the main event.

Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender pay-per-view is going down

Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender pay-per-view is going down.

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer Handshake to start, the two lock up and Swann goes to the top. They circle the ring and Rich takes the waist. Dream gets Swann to the mat and they go back and forth. Test of strength with a knucklelock, Dreamer gets a leg scissor.

Swann goes for a kick and misses. Both men evenly matched. Dreamer gets the headlock and a shoulderblock. Dream catches Swann and hits a fallaway slam. Swann goes to the outside. Swann hits a flip dive from the apron to the floor on Dreamer.

Dreamer hits a death valley driver on the floor. Dreamer looks to have dislocated his finger. The referee throws up the X symbol and a doctor comes down. Dreamer goes back into the ring and pops the finger back in place. Swann gets a shot to the gut and Dreamer hits a twisting neck breaker in the ropes.

Swann attacks the injured fingers. Swann stomps on the hand. Swann bends back the injured fingers, but Dreamer gets to the ropes. Swann goes for knees in the corner but Dreamer powers out and attacks the knee. Dreamer hits a reverse DDT.

Dreamer locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Swann gets to the ropes. Back and forth punches in the middle of the ring, Dreamer tackles Swann out of the ring. Swann kicks Dreamer in the face, then another. Swann goes to the top, hits a phoenix splash for the three count.